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So, where do we begin?

Each and every one of our rings is designed, handcrafted and custom-made, in Sydney, based on your expectations and requirements.

To begin, we usually request a little information: perhaps an image or combination of images and ideas of what you or your partner loves. A finger size if you've managed to acquire it! However, if you aren't sure, that's absolutely fine too.

We strive to make this process as stress-free as possible. This service can be conducted through email consultations, or via appointments at a location suitable for you. We have a workshop in Sydney city, but can often be found soaking up all that Bondi Beach has to offer, so have been known to meet for a casual coffee if that suits you better.

Once we have an idea of what you love, and have figured out the easiest form of communication for you, we can start brainstorming ideas, discussing budget, time frame and style.
We understand that confidentiality is of the utmost importance so are careful to contact you within whichever agreed methods fit around your lifestyle. We make rings for customers worldwide, so are as comfortable arranging appointments within Sydney or via skype if overseas.

One of the first (and arguably most important) steps after the initial consultation is selecting a gemstone or diamond. 
We have access to a comprehensive selection of diamonds which represent the ideal balance between size, quality and value. Similarly, if it is a gemstone that you are looking for, we have access to the most respected gem suppliers and cutters within Australia. We select only gemstones and diamonds from Australian-based suppliers so that we know exactly where the gems originated. As well as our diamonds and gemstones being conflict-free and ethically sourced, Bert Jewellery uses environmentally responsible procedures to source all of its materials. 

Based on your specifications, we strive to create the most perfect ring within your budget. Because we have no stand alone store, we are able to price our rings competitively. We source the finest gemstones and diamonds and aim to adjust the Carat weight, Color and Clarity to create more value or greater quality to fit within your budget, depending on which aspect is the most important to you.

We particularly love personalising engagement rings and making them truly one-of-a-kind. We love the idea that this ring that we create will be passed down for generations.

Our engagement rings take approximately 3.4 weeks to be completed. However, we will do our very best to accommodate your needs if there is a specific date you have in mind.