Silvia and Adam

We were super excited to start this ring!

a) Because we met Adam at a bar in the city (no, this isn't the reason we were excited but it did add to it) and his excitement was palpable. He was clearly so in love with Silvia.

b) He brought so many ideas to the table. We love hearing our customers input, because the designing of a ring is truly a joint effort. We want to know who's going to be wearing it, what she is like, what her lifestyle is like, etc, so that we are confident that she will love her engagement ring.

Adam explained that Silvia is from Slovakia and he really wanted something within the ring to portray that. Yet he was thinking of using an opal as the main stone, because he was eager to use an Australian gemstone: fantastic...we love trying to keep things as local and Australian as possible, even down to where we source our materials from. 

I informed Adam that opals are quite soft however, and are more susceptible to cracking than harder gemstones.  He was open to using diamonds or other gemstones. 

The second time we met, for further brainstorming, I brought a selection of diamonds and Australian sapphires. He settled on a 1.75ct dark blue oval Aussie Sapphire from Queensland. Great choice! 

Adam was keen to add a few diamonds to Silvia's engagement ring, so we surrounded the sapphire with a halo of pavé-set diamonds, and set the sapphire in a four-claw setting.

An important factor regarding the design of the ring was that it would marry both Adam and Silvia's backgrounds together. We had the Australian aspect nailed. We just needed to add a Slovakian aspect. Adam sent me an image of the Slovakian coat of arms (which, no offence Slovakia, isn't the most feminine design).

There is, however a rounded little pattern at the base of the logo. We took the 3 rounded peaks and added a curved wire-work to the gallery of the ring. This pattern was taken directly from the coat of arms, yet we did it in a way that it was subtle and delicate, marrying both nationalities together and creating the most perfect symbol of love.   

I always love imagining the proposal, the excitement and the part when the prospective groom explains the meaning behind the design of the ring.