Petar and Joel

You might have noticed we make a lot of engagement rings. You'd be right. We can and do make wedding rings too of course.

Whenever I meet with a couple to discuss wedding rings, the majority of men sit back, and allow their fiance to discuss their wedding ring ideas first. The guys usually patiently await their turn, and then, when I ask them what kind of wedding ring they want, the usual reply is "oh just a simple silver band".  Okay, so to get things straight, most wedding rings are not silver. Silver is cheap, tarnishes, scratches and generally doesn't have the longevity that gold has. The guys usually mean either a white gold, palladium or platinum wedding ring. 

I get really excited when guys come to me with ideas for their wedding rings, and Petar and Joel did not disappoint. They both liked the idea of using square black diamonds. Petar liked the look of mixed metals, whereas Joel wanted a 'silver' looking ring. I came up with a number of options for them above. Each one had a masculine chamfered edge, a matte finish with glossy sides.

These are the two options that Petar and Joel chose.

We love how the two rings are totally different yet look like a pair. Joel's ring comprises 12 x black diamonds, set in 18ct white gold and Petar's ring comprises 4 x black diamonds set in 18ct white gold with 18ct rose gold edges and inner sleeve. 

Both rings were engraved with Joel and Petar's initials and the date of their wedding. 

The best part of my job is seeing our customer's reaction when they first see their jewellery. Petar and Joel's rings were no exception. They wear them well.