Laura and David

It's risky creating unique engagement rings, especially ones that feature coloured gemstones. Laura and Dave's ring was no exception. 

When Dave emailed us out of the blue asking us to create Laura's perfect ring, we had an idea of what she might like. Laura and I go way back so I knew that she would want something completely unique.

She had previously commented on a pink sapphire ring that we'd made, so I suggested the possibility of using a coloured gemstone as the main rock. Dave was fantastic and with us every step of the way. He and Laura reside in the UK, so we liaised with him via email. The process was straightforward and we tried to keep the communication on a 'need-to-know' basis. This way, he wasn't inudunated and overwhelmed and we could go about sourcing the perfect central stone.

I visited numerous gemstone suppliers searching for the perfect pink sapphire. I found three in particular that were stunning: a trilliant, a cushion, and a princess. However I just couldn't decide on one. I sent Dave photos of them. He wasn't completely sure either.  Next, I uploaded a photograph of all three sapphires onto our instagram, obviously not mentioning that was for a design for Laura. I hoped that the world give us the answer. Laura took the bait! She commented on her favourite sapphire: The cushion-cut!

We set about designing her ring, based on the shape of the sapphire. Dave wanted to add some diamonds, so we decided to pave-set them flowing down from the cushion-cut sapphire, echoing its shape. We set the sapphire horizontally, going against the grain of usual engagement rings, which tend to sit vertically down the finger. We pierced very fine grooves and gaps in to the ring to add a lightness, to keep the ring ultra feminine, and to add a slightly vintage look. I loved the idea of a unique setting, with a slight nod to a Deco style.  


Once the initial idea was designed, we sent Dave a selection of images to approve. He loved the designs and was happy for us to go ahead with production.

We were so happy with the outcome! As soon as the ring was completed, we emailed Dave photographs, as he set about planning the proposal. Weeks later, the ring was in Dave's hand ready to be put into action.

Dave whisked Laura away for her birthday. With champagne on ice and in a beautiful setting, he proposed and she, of course, said yes.


We loved creating this ring! We loved that we were able to create something so unique and sentimental. We loved liaising with Dave and hearing his excitement building with each ring update or photograph. Mostly, we loved being a tiny part of this beautiful couples union.

Here's what Laura had to say about her engagement ring:-

"My fiance worked with BERT to create an engagement ring which I knew nothing about. The end result was a completely unique ring that I receive so many compliments on. It could be vintage or brand new....people really can't tell. I absolutely LOVE my ring and my fiance enjoyed working with BERT who made a process, that has the potential to be a nightmare, a fun one. Can't recommend enough!"

Thanks Laura - we are honoured to have made it for you.