Holly and Dan

Dan loved Holly's unique style and taste, yet understandably, was a little apprehensive to create a ring for her. He knew that he wanted her to have a ring that was adored and that she liked black diamonds. Bert set off looking for a good sized oval black diamond which he decided he was going to propose to her with, with the intention of Holly having an input into the style and creation of the ring. It turns out that oval black diamonds are more difficult to source, whereas there's am abundance of round black diamonds.

I located the rock and Dan was happy with it. A 1.5ct black diamond.

Once Dan proposed, the three of us started bouncing ideas around. Holly liked the traditional Victorian style cluster rings however this would be anything but traditional. The black diamond was set into 18kt Rose gold and surrounded by white diamonds. Surrounding that were tiny black diamonds to add another element.

They absolutely loved the outcome and so do we! This ring was literally made for Holly! It's totally unique and one-of-a-kind and we were excited throughout the creation of it. Simply beautiful.