Karlie is a woman after my own heart.

She got in touch and explained that she wanted me to design a ring to commemorate her selling her business. She'd set up and run her successful business for eight years so asked whether I could factor in eight components or diamonds somewhere within the ring.

I was excited about everything to do with this ring! 

Karlie seemed lovely for a start. I admired her drive and determination. She'd clearly worked hard and wanted to have something special to signify such a milestone.
I'm all for women celebrating their achievements. 

We set to work.


We started by asking Karlie what sort of jewellery she wears or loves. She already has an engagement and wedding ring, so made it clear that she didn't want this ring to look like bridal jewellery. She emailed us a few images of rings that she liked: aspects of each. For example, she liked panels which surrounded one vintage-inspired ring. She loved a dark cognac diamond on another ring.


I sketched up a few ideas and emailed them to her. Karlie is in Queensland, whereas we're based in Sydney, so all communication was conducted via email.

Karlie was torn between two design options. I had this idea of adding a triangular panel either side of the central setting. Within the panel, I'd set small diamonds.

The central diamond would be cognac, then surrounding this would be eight panels of diamonds: to signify the eight years in business.

I really wanted her to choose this design. The other options were nice, but I didn't LOVE them. I knew this one would be awesome! Luckily for me, she went along with my advice and chose this design.


The cognac diamond was set within 18ct rose gold claws. The surrounding panels and triangles were made in 18ct white gold and I made a knife-edge rose gold contrasting band.  


Once we agreed on the final design, the ring took less than two weeks to make. Upon completion, I sent Karlie photos prior to shipping it to her in Queensland.

She absolutely loved it! We loved it too.

From start to finish, from design to concept, from our first chat, I was excited about this ring. I love what it represents, and I love that a woman decided to buy diamonds for herself. 

How lucky am I to be able to meet inspirational people, and have the opportunity to create precious jewellery that they will wear forever.