Ange and Conrad

Ange and Conrad are such a beautiful couple. I met them one day at my workshop, and they had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted. Ange had seen our beautiful Campbell ring pop up on her instagram feed a few times and it was love at first sight. This was going to be no typical Campbell though…I’m not sure you could call any of our rings ‘typical’. Especially Campbell!


Ange and Conrad had been married 25 years, so this was an anniversary gift from Conrad. He explained that when he proposed, he could only find a ring that was within his budget at that time, and now, he wanted to spoil her. These two appeared so in love, I actually wanted to quiz them on what their secret was to such a happy marriage. It was a pleasure sitting in their company, while I sketched and they finished eachother’s sentences, smiling warmly at one-another.


Ange loved cognac and champagne diamonds, so I explained to them, that, due to the range of shades and colours that these particular diamonds come in, it might be worth me borrowing a selection from my diamond supplier and showing them options.

A few days later, we met up again, this time, I was armed with six diamonds, ranging from pale champagne to darker cognac. Ange spotted this 1.62ct beauty and fell in love instantly.


Isn’t it divine? I love the combination of the warm rose gold and that deep dark champagne.

In some light, the diamond takes on a steel-grey colour. In others, it’s icey cognac. In sunlight it’s nothing but sparkle!