Laura and JJ

True story: I met JJ right after I'd finished my usual coastal run one morning in Bondi. His dog came running up to me and as I stroked him, I started chatting to JJ. This is early-morning Bondi Beach for you: friendly locals everywhere.

He asked what I did for work, and, once I'd explained that I made jewellery, he enquired about a potential necklace for his girlfriend, Laura. I gave him my number and my instagram details, and went on my way. 

An hour later, JJ called me. He wanted to meet for a brainstorm. He'd changed his mind: he was now interested in a diamond ring...

IMG_4162  neww.jpg

I might add, that this was weeks before Christmas.
We met in a local cafe, me armed with my sketchbook and slightly less dishevelled as I had been a couple hours earlier.

He was interested in a rectangular diamond and we discussed the options. I explained that Radiant-cut or Emerald-cuts were my personal favourites and that I'd borrow a few options from my diamond broker for him to select.
He also explained that he'd love a heart hidden somewhere within the ring.

Radiant cut

He settled on a beautiful 1.4ct Radiant-cut diamond. The cut was magnificent. Laura apparently wore a combination of white gold and rose golds, so I set the diamond in double 18ct white gold prongs. The band was 18ct rose gold and pave set with diamonds.

This ring remains as one of my personal favourites. Not just because it's beautiful, but also because of how I met JJ: that it was just a chance meeting and happened organically. Before I knew it, I was making this incredible ring.

Radiant cut engagement ring

I think you'll agree, it's pretty spectacular.

radiant-cut diamond

And as for the heart that he wanted hidden within the ring? 
We set a tiny pink sapphire in each side of the setting, in a tiny rose gold heart. It's not visible from above, and barely from the side. It's their little secret.

pink sapphire heart