Maria approached us and asked us to design and make a unique wedding ring for her. She explained that her engagement ring had been made in a way that a parallel wedding ring would not fit alongside it, so she assumed she'd have to have a fitted wedding ring made. These are made like a jigsaw to slot in next to the engagement ring.

She also explained however, that she didn't like the look of those wedding rings.

Challenge accepted. We didn't want to make her a ring that she wasn't completely in love with, so I started sketching out ideas. How about if I found a way to angle diamonds around the engagement ring? So that they almost hugged the existing ring? That way, the wedding ring would still look great on it's own: unlike a fitted wedding ring, which can look awkward on its own.

She loved this idea. I went away and sketched out options, while compiling separate quotes depending on her budget. She settled on a marquise and round brilliant cut design.


Honestly, this is one of my favourite wedding rings. It doesn't take away from the engagement ring at all, but elevates it. It looks beautiful on its own or alongside the ring that it was meant to hug. 

It's sparkly, individual and completely one-of-a-kind.