Joanne and Adrian

This was one of those tricky designs where the ring was a complete surprise for Joanne. This is when we feel most under pressure I think: it's so important that we make a ring that the lady in question is going to love. But how on earth do we do that when she's never dropped any hints? How indeed....


We started by discussing the kind of ring that he would imagine her wearing. He knew she wore white gold, so that was a great place to start. Adrian and I sat together, sketchbook in front of me, and while taking notes, he scanned through images he'd saved on his phone. He'd previously looked through my instagram and we discussed the designs that he was drawn to. As well as looking through designs, we discussed Joanne's lifestyle: her job, her style, whether a ring would get in the way of certain activities.


Adrian was interested in a round brilliant-cut halo engagement ring that we had previously made, but wanted a different shaped diamond than round or square. After sketching some ideas, and brainstorming, we settled on a radiant cut diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, with diamonds running down the shoulders. The cut of the diamond gives it a unique and modern look, however the scallop settings give a nod to the more traditional halos. The white gold, fine claws just give the overall illusion of  S P A R K L E !

Joanne was ecstatic. So are we.

We set out to make this ring with absolutely no idea of what Joanne would like. The goal was to create a ring that was so stunning that any woman would adore it.

And she did.

Another happy Bert customer and another proud day for Bert.