Sara and Tom

Ah the girl that knows exactly what she wants. A girl after my own heart! 

Tom had previously presented Sara with an exquisite marquise diamond engagement ring, and she visualised using marquise diamonds in her wedding ring too. In fact, she wanted a combination of different setting styles and diamond shapes.

Sara is an architect so, as I started sketching ideas for her, it seemed as though we were leaning toward quite a structured, geometric design. Bert loves feminine curves and our own style does influence the final design often, however Sara seemed to have other ideas!

Sara Wed.jpg

After sketching a number of different options, ranging from stacks of small diamonds, to channel-set diamonds to princess-cut diamonds, we settled on the idea of setting the marquise diamonds at slight angles. Just below that, would run a band of pavé-set round brilliant cut diamonds. 

Setting the diamonds was no easy task, due to the curvature of the ring and the angle that the marquises sat, however very few tasks are too difficult for Bert and the finished 18ct white gold wedding ring was more beautiful than we could've imagined. Sara's vision was even more sublime than we could have envisaged.  

What an awesome couple! We love meeting creative minds and people with a vision! 

Tom envisaged a unique wedding band too. For his, we decided to give the ring a strong masculine look by squaring it off slightly, and having an inner rail of white gold, running down the centre of the ring. This, as well as the interior, was to be high-shine 18ct white gold, whereas the two outer rails would be a matte, brushed 18ct yellow gold.

We adore these rings!

Stunning shot by the super talented Heath Bennett. Check him out here

Stunning shot by the super talented Heath Bennett. Check him out here

Another dreamy shot by

Another dreamy shot by

We just love how structured this ring is.  People have likened it to a crown, whereas I see the interior of a building, with high ceilings, slanted window with sunlight streaming through and steel, glinting in the light ....maybe that's just me then!

Either way, Sara and Tom's rings remain as one of our favourite wedding sets. We were super honoured to have created them for the beautiful couple.