Siân's first memory of metalwork was watching her Great Uncle forging horseshoes in his blacksmithing workshop.


Years later, at art school, she was taught how to solder.
The obsession began.
She went on to achieve a degree in Jewellery Design and Goldsmithing from Birmingham School of Jewellery in 2008 before emigrating to Sydney permanently, where she now creates high-end, bespoke jewellery from her studio in Bondi Beach.

Siân is inspired by the people she meets which often organically leads to a deeply personal custom-made piece of jewellery. She specialises but is not limited to engagement and wedding rings and counts her diverse background, her travels, her coastal surroundings and respect for nature as inspirations which run through each of Bert’s impeccable pieces. With a passion for the environment, she also ensures all of the diamonds and gemstones she sources are conflict-free and ethically derived. Even her ring boxes are sustainably produced. It's this attention to every detail, as well as her personal approach that Siân believes keeps customers consistently recommending Bert Jewellery to those embarking on their own custom-made jewellery experience.

The process:  
Transparency is an important aspect of Bert Jewellery, so Siân works closely with you throughout the design process -  from design to completion.

 “The goal of Bert Jewellery is to create extraordinary, bespoke jewellery that is inspired by you, taking in to consideration your passions and your lifestyle.”
Bert Jewellery proudly refuses to make the same bespoke piece twice. This is simply because Siân truly believes in the sentimental, symbolic meaning behind jewellery and creates these pieces with the hope that they will become treasured, personal heirlooms. 


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